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Eruption - Mixed Media Painting on Paper

Eruption - Mixed Media Painting on Paper

Type: original work of art

Medium: acrylic, pen ink, watercolor, color pencil on paper

Date: 2018

Dimensions: 11 inches wide x 14 inches

This artwork presents a vivid and imaginative composition with a blend of abstract and representational elements. The central figure appears to be a human head or mask, rendered in a pale blue or gray tone, juxtaposed against an explosion of colorful, organic forms.

The head seems to be intertwined with or emerging from a cluster of yellow and green flowers, suggesting a connection between the human form and nature. The background features splashes of bright yellow, green, and blue, adding a dynamic and energetic feel to the piece. The use of white space around the central elements gives the artwork a sense of openness and balance.

The combination of the human figure with natural elements and vibrant colors may evoke themes of growth, transformation, and the interplay between humanity and the natural world. The fluid, watercolor-like quality of the paint adds to the sense of movement and spontaneity.

This artwork is available for purchase with the cost of shipping (CAN & USA) plus applicable taxes. Local pickup is available (no shipping cost locally).

The painting is signed and dated on both sides and comes with wiring ready for display. For an enhanced effect, we recommend custom framing. Payment is collected and artwork is carefully sent the next business day. Get a unique piece of art for your home that will be a reminder of your taste and love of art.

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