Hank Yaghooti

The crudely bizarre works of artist Hank Yaghooti use esotericism, symbolism and figuration to provoke thought, stimulate emotion, and encourage reflection. A polyrhythmic fusion of acrylic, watercolor, ink and spray paint, Yaghooti’s mixed-media works are composed to visualize a parallel reality but with a more dark and expressive tone. His work alters the ordinary, to the extraordinary.

In Yaghooti’s world of the extraordinary, the viewer is shown glimpses into an otherworldly reality. Familiarly human, but nothing short of peculiar and fragmented. Within the artist’s personal perspective, visual stories of this reality are experiences of a much different life drama. Through the multilayered narrative, the viewer walks within the subconscious of their mindscape.

A graduate from New Jersey City University (BFA), Yaghooti's artistic collection of introspective expressionism has been on display in galleries and art events, including the Jersey City Art Studio Tour and Artworks in Trenton, NJ. His work has been featured in magazines, books and online galleries, including Beautiful Bizarre. He has two self-published books, “Black Lines In A White World” (2008) and “Chameleon” (2015), which are showcases of his drawings and paintings respectively. His work is included in several private collections and is also available through his personal website.

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Divine Triad | Hank Yaghooti

AUGUST 3, 2016

Interview with Hank Yaghooti